My Story

I believe everyone should be able to permanently hold onto that feeling of getting lost on an adventure or completely unwinding on a dream vacation.  My mission is to capture and transfer that feeling onto high definition aluminum to help you disconnect from the chaos of technology and work life and get you into a great space.  LiveforBlu stems from my absolute love for the ocean and everything it provides in my life.  This brand is a culmination of my passion for the outdoors, the ocean and  fine art photography.  

Connecting with nature and the ocean for me started when I was really young growing up going to beach as much as possible.  We would spend the summers playing in the waves at Newport Beach and partially in Carlsbad, CA.  It was and always has been therapeutic and soothing as I believe it is to many.  I could just stare at the ocean for hours, it was captivating.  The surf obsession would come later down the road at age 21.  For some reason I didn't feel like standing up when I was younger.  To this day there is no greater feeling than being in the water with friends catching waves.  On the best days, especially in San Clemente, CA, the seaweed can be seen blowing in the currents, fish darting through the water and dolphins and whales coming up for air during a session.  It just adds to the moment. 

As for photography I grew up an artist and spent hours in school practicing painting and illustration through college.  It wasn't until my kids were born where I would channel my obsessions into a new creative outlet.  I wanted to take photos of them when they were little ones from every single angle at every moment in the day.  In 2002 I would buy my first digital camera and start tinkering with light, depth of field and shutter speeds.  Moving to the San Francisco Bay area really helped refine my landscape shooting skills with stunning backdrops for miles.  From there came post processing which I believe is an art in itself.  Every individual photo tells a story. 

If I can change the energy in one or more of your spaces with my prints and products I'm ecstatic.  At very least I hope you can enjoy the visuals and possibly inspire you.  


Cameron Howard